Second Scan & Spreading the News

14 03 2007

We visited the ob/gyn for the second scan on March 5. As a result we have possibly the most useless pic of an ultrsound scan that was ever taken. scan-2b-march-5-2007.jpg

We had good views but he forgot to save them & later he couldn’t get a good view. Seeing the heart beating again and the arm moving was a truly astonishing experience.

There is about 9 days discrepancy between the scan measurements (of the sac) & our own calculations. This would not matter but we need to have a nuchal fold translucency screening test & the other specialist who does them is very strict about when the test is done. If we turn up & her scan makes it too early, its thanks very much, pay your bill & come back later. At R900+ that’s not something we want. Hopefully it will be OK.

We phoned Australia that evening (stayed up late to catch them early in the morning) to let our immediate family & friends know of the news. We haven’t told those local yet but we are having a braai this Sunday to make the announcement.




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