Another Scan

6 04 2007

We had our scan yesterday & while we are waiting on the blood tests, based on the scan result, the foetus having Down’s goes up from 1 in 300 (based on R’s age) to 1 in 2000. The blood results could push this up or down of course and it is never 100% certain. Everything else was normal/average. The scan was very high tech–we now have an 11 minute DVD of the scan showing blood pumping through the heart chambers, a full complement of fingers & toes etc. Once I figure out how to I’ll post a short exerpt to Youtube & link it here.

We said we didn’t want to know the sex & have watched the video a few times & are far from certain (the specialist said she could tell) but maybe a boy. See, we don’t mind sort of uncertainly knowing–it’s OK if we figure it out ourselves, we just don’t want to be told for sure!

Once again technology amazes me. We saw all fingers & toes, the four chambers of the heart (and using a colour doppler–watched & listened to the blood flowing in each of the heart valves & the hepatic artery!). When I was born in 1971 my mum didn’t even get a basic ultrasound.