World’s Most Uncooperative Foetus

4 05 2007

April 25 saw us once more at the Ob/Gyn for a checkup. Everything is going well & it seems we are on target for October 7. Of course I read that only 5% of babies actually arrive on their due-date so I’m not actually sure why they bother giving you a date anyway!

Below is another scan–a lousy one. The kid stuck his/her head in the corner (are there corners in a uterus?) & refused to move, consequently we couldn’t get a decent view. In other good news R’s blood tests are back & the chance of Downs has gone up to 1 in 7500 or so which for her age is pretty good.


Personally I think it looks like Darth Vader is in there…. (Or somebody with a pirate flag!)