18 days old

22 10 2007

Araminta has been a bit of a grumpus the last few days. She’s still feeding well – loves her food, but has the remarkable ability to scream (loudly) for hours. We don’t know how her lungs or her throat stand it!

That being said, I’m pretty sure we had our first smile today, and it was given to Daddy while she was in the bath. Jeff says it was wind, but I’m convinced – she looked right at him and smiled. Brought tears to my eyes.

In keeping with Araminta being grumpy mcwhingy pants here she is in an outfit given to us by a friend “I’m a little monster”

This weekend we had problems keeping her cool, but today is cold so she is all rugged up.

She’s got very good head and neck control and an eye for the camera. I tried to get a photo of her screaming, but every time I pointed the camera at her she stopped and looked angelic…

Her weight at the breast-feeding clinic on Thursday was 3.64kgs so she still hasn’t regained her birthweight, but we aren’t worried since she is gaining more weight each week.




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