First Braai

30 10 2007


Araminta went to her first braai on Friday. We were celebrating a friend’s birthday by roasting a lamb on a spit.

Here she is enjoying the atmosphere with Mummy.

and with Daddy

She was remarkably well behaved.

One of Mummy’s friends took this picture of her

On Saturday afternoon Araminta went on a picnic with the students from the Language School where Mummy used to work and with the visiting tour group from Khazakhstan.

There are no pictures because she slept the whole time.

Here is a little hat that Mummy made.

In other news, Araminta has now regained her birth weight. It only took her a little over 3 weeks to do. Don’t worry though, she’s not going hungry. She feeds well and often.

Last night was good, she went down at about 10.30 – 11 and then woke at 2.30 and then at 5.30. Mummy is not a morning person, luckily I’m able to go back to sleep once it’s light. Araminta is quite good at night, she usually has a feed and then goes straight back to sleep, which is a blessing. Mind you there have been nights when this hasn’t been the case, and it’s usually close to midnight before she actually goes to sleep.

Araminta got two parcels today – somebody is a spoilt girl. She was sent a gorgeous teddy bear from her Great-Aunty Linda (Ruth’s mum’s sister) and some cute clothes, and one of Ruth’s internet friends sent her some Gorgeous handknitted booties, a handmade bib with turtles in batik on it and a very cute sock-monkey zebra. Picture to follow in the next post.




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