4 11 2007

It is unseasonably cold at the moment. This means I get to put Araminta in things I’ve knitted.

I love this yarn – it was hand-dyed for me as part of a swap that I participated in two years ago (2005) using food colouring and the microwave. I also crocheted the blanket she is lying on.

She frequently sleeps with her hands tucked under her head, or clasped together.

Araminta received parcels on Friday from Deanna and Don (friends from Brisbane) – a GORGEOUS red and white dress for church or special occasions; and a lovley little pink dress from her Great Uncle John (Ruth’s uncle). They are both size one, so it will be a while before you get to see her in them.

We’ve had a rough few nights and are all a bit tired. Poor Jeff is preparing exams for his students at the moment. Tomorrow is quilting guild day and Araminta is going to go with Mummy. The ladies at the guild have been anxiously awaiting her arrival, so I will dress her up cutely and show her off.




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9 11 2007

Hi Ruth, the photo’s arrived today. They are gorgeous. I am going to do up a special little album just for her so keep sending photo’s please. Now that I have your address I have a parcel to send (hopefully get to the post office today. I have gradually been adding to it and may have spoilt her but that is what Aunties are for? Is it okay if I call her Minty for short?

Gotta run. Give her a big hug for me.

19 11 2007

that picture is soooo cute.

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