Araminta’s week

10 12 2007

Thought you might like to see some of the gazillion pictures we took this week.

Gorgeous Girl started to ‘chat’ a lot more this week and bat with her hands at her toys. Here she is chatting with her zebra

She really loves the black, white and red combination. She also loves the pram toy that ‘Aunty’ Chris sent from Brisbane, but I don’t have a picture of her playing with that yet. The zebra was a gift from a blogging friend in the USA, the bib was a gift from a local friend who is expecting a baby in March so I’ve knitted them a hat, but still need to do some booties and I’ll probably sew a bib or two if I get time, and the outfit was a gift from friends in Brisbane.

She has quite a michievious smile, as evidenced here. The I love this dress (it was a gift too, and is perfect for the hot weather we have been having) and the bib was also a present, both came from Australia. I haven’t seen any bibs this nice here.

All nice and clean. Her hair is quite curly when it is wet, but only slightly wavy when dry. I don’t know why Araminta’s hair shows up with a reddish tinge in this photo, it’s quite brown in real-life, though it is getting a little lighter as it gets longer. People always comment on her eyes when we take her out – especially those long eyelashes of which I am rather envious.

This picture is especially for Grandma in Western Australia (Ruth’s Mum).

Araminta’s wearing the top Mum sent, but not the bottoms as it was just too hot. Pink really suits her, as does red. She’s able to sit like this for a little while before toppling over.

I’ve nearly finished knitting a cardigan for her (in size one so she’ll have to grow into it). Pictures when it’s done.

Finally I have to show you this beautiful keepsake tin that came for her from one of Mummy’s blogging friends in the Netherlands.

Isn’t it just stunning!




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