10 Weeks

17 12 2007

Araminta was 10 weeks old on Thursday. Here’s the picture.

We were out walking in the pram and she was so happy that I had to stop and take a photo.

She has started to take an interest in her pram toys too and is able to amuse herself for short stretches of time now.

These following photos are from today.

Araminta is still sleeping for 6 hours a night which is lovely, and she goes back down easily after a feed.

I’ve been singing nursery rhymes to her this week, two favourites are The Grand Old Duke of York and If you’re happy and you know it.

I’ve been taking her to choir rehearsals with me and she loves the singing and is very well behaved. Unfortunately, she was not so well behaved on Saturday night at the Christmas concert when Nanna was looking after her while mummy sang… Let’s just say that Araminta has inherited her mother’s lungs and leave it at that.

Araminta’s first Christmas is rapidly approaching and we still haven’t figured out what to get her for Christmas – it’s the first one so we want it to be special, but really she has everything she needs…we’ll have to keep pondering.




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