Two Milestones

27 12 2007

Araminta had a lovely first Christmas. She received some beautiful presents from Nana and Poppa (Jeff’s Mum and Step-father) and some from Mummy and Daddy too. Here she is with her little stack of gifts (we tried not to go too overboard since she has everything that she needs and she’s so little, but there are more parcels on the way from Australia still to arrive).

Here she is with the packages opened. She really likes the merry-go-round from Nana and Poppa, and spent quite some time yesterday staring at it.

The owl mobile is from Jeff and I, and is made locally in Cape Town.

Araminta’s Christmas present to us (at 11 weeks and 5 days) was to roll over. She flipped from her stomach to her back twice. She can’t go from her back to her stomach yet. It was very exciting, but also a little sad, our baby girl is growing up.

We missed all our Aussie relatives terribly. I’d have loved for Araminta to have spent her first Christmas with her cousins in Brisbane…

Leaving you with one last Christmas picture…




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