Belated 16 week update

28 01 2008

On Thursday, the 24th, Araminta was 16 weeks old. Her weekly photo this week is with Grandma who has been visiting from Australia.

As you can see it’s been very hot and we’ve been struggling to keep her cool.

Araminta also got to spend time with Uncle Peter.

This was at the Aquarium.

Mum and Peter went home today, so that was a little sad. I sent Mum home with a photo album to put Araminta’s pictures in. Here’s the cover page.

Thanks to Kerin for the awesome stickers! Now I just have to do one for us. I’ve been writing in her baby book, but the baby book can’t hold the gazillion photos that we are taking.

This week Araminta has begun to roll over from her back to her stomach and play with her feet. She is also starting to grab and hold onto her toys.


An outing

22 01 2008

Today Araminta and Mummy went to Baby Show and Tell. This is organised by the woman whose child-birth classes we went to.

Here’s a picture of some of the babies who were there.

Araminta was quite happy for most of the morning. She even had a little nap at one stage. I was however, glad that I’d taken a second set of clothes…

Here she is after her nap,

but it didn’t take long before…

her fingers went back into her mouth.

I think we’ve tired her out a little the last few days as she slept for 2 hours before show and tell, 40 minutes at show and tell and for 3 1/2 hours this afternoon and she was in bed again by 8 pm. Now, if she’ll just last through the night…

We’ve started putting her in her high-chair while we are eating so that both of us get to eat with two hands. I’ll try and get a picture of that for you next time she’s in it.

15 Week update

21 01 2008

Let’s start with the 15 week picture.

Here she is laughing at her toy giraffe.

Today, at 15 weeks and 4 days she rolled over from back to stomach for the first time. Now we are really going to have to watch her.

Ruth’s mum and brother are here at the moment. Here’s Araminta with Grandma.

and with Uncle Peter

Fingers in the mouth are standard these days, unless she is being Kung Fu baby.

Finally, I’ll leave you with an extreme close-up.

A new hat

15 01 2008

Araminta received another gift in the mail this week from one of Mummy’s internet friends. This cute little hat came from Mark in Ohio.

He also very generously sent Ruth a ball of cotton to play with.

As you can see Araminta is able to sit propped up now. She is starting to put toys into her mouth, but hasn’t really realised that she can lift them up, so she tends to put her head down onto the toy. It’s pretty funny, but I haven’t been able to get a picture of it because everytime I take out the camera she stops what she is doing and looks at it. I guess the continual “Look at the camera” has paid off. Either that or we have created a monster…

The sleeping through the night has unfortunately stopped, but today was a good sleep day and she got lots of sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be better than last night. I’m finding the night feeds much harder since being spoilt for a while.

Ruth’s Mum arrives on Friday so we should have pictures of Araminta meeting her Grandma up soon, and of course I will post her weekly photo too.

14 Weeks

10 01 2008

We took Araminta to the clinic today to be weighed. She’s gaining weight slowly, and is now 5.85 kilos.

Here are her weekly pictures. I think this is a nice way to document her first year of life. Kerin and I were talking and she suggested some action shots.

I did a bit of sewing today and decorated two plain shirts that Araminta was given at the baby shower.

This one is completely finished, while this one still needs to be stitched down.

We are really enjoying the holidays and having time to just be at home with Araminta.

More pictures

8 01 2008

Araminta has spent more time on her stomach this week, and has really discovered squealing. It’s been quite cold over the last few days, so she got to wear some handmade goodies.

I made this hat a long time ago and it’s been sitting in a drawer waiting for a child to fill it. The jumpsuit came from Cousin Esther.

This littlecrocheted kimono came from one of Mummy’s blogging friends in the USA.

She looked very cute in it,

and wore it happily, until she puked her lunch all over it…

The amount of washing we are doing is amazing, what with her nappies, and the bibs and the 3 outfits she goes through a day, 90% of the stuff on the clothesline belongs to her.

13 Week update

4 01 2008

Araminta turned 13 weeks old yesterday.

This was the best shot I was able to get. Jeff bought the T-shirt in the USA last year at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama before she was born, and the pants come from Aunty Kerin.

Araminta has taken to putting her middle two fingers in her mouth when she is tired. This is a great sign for us to put her to bed. It’s kind of cute, and they come out of her mouth as soon as she’s asleep. I’ll try and get a picture for you. The sleeping through the night continues so that’s all good.

We got Christmas mail yesterday and a package arrived from the Aunty, Uncle and cousins in Sydney. A little koala bear and an outfit to match.

Look at those eyelashes.

She was a little fussy this morning and not too happy to have her picture taken. Poor kid’s constantly got a camera pointed at her…

Not much other news, she hasn’t rolled over since Christmas, but is enjoying ‘tummy time’ a lot more.

Well I’m off to take advantage of her nap by doing some sewing.