19 Week update

15 02 2008

Araminta is now starting to actively play with her toys. Unfortunately every time I try to get a picture of this she stops and poses for the camera.

We’ve had quite cold weather so we were able to dress her in this little top that Jeff chose for her.

It says ‘How cute am I?’ Yes, I’ve become one of those parents.

Unfortunately Araminta has been spitting up a lot lately and so that top lasted about half an hour (and yes, I had a bib on her after taking the picture), so I got to dress her for the first time in this little cardigan that I knitted for her.

Finally, photo evidence of why we need to get some cot bumpers.

We’ve started reading to Araminta this week and she is able to concentrate on short books, so that’s been lots of fun. She’s quite a happy little girl and we are enjoying her immensely.




2 responses

15 02 2008

2 words: Zoom lens. (That is what you are going to need to get any candid shots!) I may have mentioned that before….

18 02 2008

That will be one for the album

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