5 months

22 02 2008

Araminta is now 5 months old. We had her weighed at the breast-feeding clinic on Thursday and she now weighs 6.3 kilos. She’s getting heavy to carry around, but she’s still not as heavy as the cat! However, Araminta is quite a long baby. She started to pay attention to books this week, which is exciting as both of us love to read.

Here are her weekly photos.

As you can see, playing with her toys is quite a serious business.

I’ve finally managed to snap a shot of her with her fingers in her mouth.

This is how we usually see her. The white toy was a gift from her Great Uncle and Aunt on Jeff’s side.

Crawling is not far away. We can’t put her down and walk away any more. This is where the baby girl ended up this afternoon.

Under her rocker.

Araminta has found her feet.

Unfortunately she’s taken to putting them in her mouth as well.

Although she’s not eating solids yet, tonight Araminta enjoyed sitting at the big table with Mummy and Daddy.

She’s almost out-grown her cloth nappies, so we need to find time to get to Cape Town to buy some bigger ones.




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