Five months and one week

2 03 2008

Araminta continues to be a source of joy. There were no major milestones this week, just lots of giggles and rolling around on the floor. That’s certainly an incentive to vacuum more frequently!

Here are her weekly pictures.

Note the finger in the mouth, as usual.

She’s starting to grab onto things a lot now. Her pram toys are a new source of fascination. Araminta’s has made a few grabs at Mummy’s glasses and hair this week too.

For the last little while, Araminta has been spending an hour a day with Nana while Ruth has been working. For the most part she has been pretty good, though she is quite clingy when I get home after the 2 hour session on Wednesday.

Araminta has been coming to choir practice with me on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Mostly she lies on a rug on the floor and listens to the music. Occasionally she tries to ‘sing’ along. Music makes her very happy and the college students love having her at rehearsal. If I leave her with Jeff they always ask where she is.

She’s suffering from reflux a little – this afternoon we went through 4 changes of clothes and a screaming session which lasted for about 45 minutes, which was no fun for anybody. Fortunately episodes like this aren’t common.

I’ll try and update more than once a week, but life is a little hectic since going back to work.




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