Five months and two weeks

9 03 2008

Araminta is now five and a half months. Jeff says we can now say that she’s crawling since she’s making forward motion across the floor. It looks kind of like an inch worm, but it’s getting her around just fine.

The Christmas parcel from Ruth’s mum arrived this week (took 6 months to get here). One of the advantages of having Christmas now is that Araminta is a little more aware of what’s going on, so we let her ‘open’ her present.

Thank you Grandma. She also spent some time shoving the finger puppet in her mouth, and would loved to have kept playing with the wrapping paper, but it was turning into a soggy mess.

Since absolutely everything is going into her mouth at the moment, we are expecting teeth sometime soon. Araminta has gone from being a very good sleeper to waking every two or so hours. We’re lucky that as soon as she has fed she goes right back to sleep. It has been extremely hot here and I think she’s waking up because she’s thirsty.

Not much other news, she’s still coming to choir practices with me and is well behaved most of the time, she loves music.

Oh, we’ve started reading to her more often this week too, and she’s enchanted by the books and listens to the story.




One response

9 03 2008

If it took 6 months does the outfit actually fit her?

Whe it comes to photo’s for the album it would be nice to have some family shots there as well. I assume you have some family shots but just aren’t putting them on the web. Ones with daddy, ones with mummy and ones of the whole family. Oh and get an easter one as well because I found some nice easter stickers and paper that I am dying to use.

Love ya

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