6 months old and her first holiday

26 03 2008

Araminta is now 6 months old. She can sit unsupported for a little while, though we can’t walk off and leave her as she still tends to topple over when she’s done.

Over the Easter weekend we took Araminta on her first holiday. We went to Citrusdal and stayed in a guest house. Citrusdal is about two hours away and Araminta travelled really well! She was quiet for the most part, when she got bored we got a toy out for her and after about an hour and a half she started talking in a bit of a grumpy voice because she was thirsty, but no crying or anything like that, and once we found a place to feed and change she was quite happy to keep going.

The sun was coming in the front of the car so Jeff rigged this up to keep the sun off.

After a while, the temptation became too much for her.

She even managed a sleep on the very bumpy gravel roads.

Once there, we had a nice relaxing weekend. It was very hot so we didn’t do much. Jeff did manage to see some new birds, but mostly we just hung out.

Played with our toys,

and helped Daddy braai.

When we got home, she put her new-found mobility to good use and ‘read’ Jeff’s Time magazine.




2 responses

26 03 2008

“helped Daddy braai”

AAACK Daddy has 3 arms and 3 legs & is that 2 pair of shorts?

Oh wait a minute, supervising is helping…

27 03 2008

Love the photo’s. Of course the temptation got the better of her – it was shiny!

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