A belated weekly update – 6 months and two weeks

8 04 2008

It’s nearly time for her six months and three weeks update, but life has gotten away from us a little this week.

Araminta is now able to sit on her own if we put her in a sitting position. We can’t quite walk away and leave her though, as she has some trouble getting back down again – there’s been a few bumped heads, and they have all been on Ruth’s watch.

Here she is sitting up by herself.

And this is the progression downwards.

Finally, sitting time is over.

The jumper she is wearing was knitted by Ruth, it’s a little big, at the moment, but she’s so cute in it.

In other news Araminta had her first taste of solid food on Sunday. We stewed up and then pureed an apple for her. She was a bit reluctant at first, but is slowly coming around to the idea. At the moment we are just giving her tastes of food and not worrying too much about getting a full meal from it. I’ve got another apple to stew up and then we’ll move onto carrots next week.

Finally, here’s a picture of Araminta and Mummy, wearing the pink cardigan Ruth knitted and the fluffy bunny slippers from Kerin.




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