Seven Months – and it’s cold outside

20 04 2008

Araminta is now seven months old, and she is seriously mobile. We are wanting to light the fire in our fireplace, but we need to investigate some ways to child-proof it first.

This week has been quite cold, for her weekly photo Araminta got to wear a hat and a jumper that Ruth made.

The hat is still a little bit too big.

On Saturday it was very cold and wet, so we dressed her very warmly in an outfit that Aunty Kerin sent. This outfit was hand-delivered by Kerin’s boss.

Unfortunately, I cut the feet off in the picture, so you can’t see the cute little bunny slippers that match it.

For those of you who haven’t heard; Ruth started a new job this week as a customer support agent for an internet start-up company. I’m able to work remotely (from home) so I can still watch and feed Araminta. The contract is until the end of July, but I’m hoping it will be renewed, so we will be able to save some money and get home to Australia for Christmas.

In the food stakes Araminta has now tried carrot (not so good), butternut pumpkin (not so keen), avocado (took that reasonably well much to Jeff’s disgust) and banana, which is a bit of a hit. I’m going to stew up another apple for her when all the banana’s are gone.

Both Jeff and I have had the flu in the last week. We tag teamed, so Jeff got well just as I got sick. I’ve still got a runny nose and a cough, but I’m feeling much better.




One response

23 04 2008

The body states seven weeks – my work in progress is a little over 7 weeks… I had to read the post a couple times before the term “typo” came to mind… Oh & I could have read the title… 7 months. :o)

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