Seven Months Two weeks and her first camping trip

7 05 2008

Last week had three public holdiays in it so Jeff and I decided to take Araminta on her first camping trip. We went to the Karoo National Park – which is about a 5 hour drive from where we are currently living. Araminta took the trip really well. We only had to stop twice and she played happily with her toys for most of the trip.

Here she is enjoying some quiet time in the morning with her daddy.

She was very good at night and didn’t cry, so the neighbours didn’t hate us too much. 🙂

While it was quite cold at night and in the early mornings the days were lovely and Araminta enjoyed exploring.

The big milestone for the trip was that she learned how to do this

by herself. She thinks she’s pretty clever now that she can sit up on her own.

Another first was that Araminta got to ride in the hiking backpack we were given. She wasn’t too sure at first, but after a while she was so relaxed she had a little sleep.

She’s not sleeping here, just looking into the sun.

Aramintia’s ‘official’ seven month and two week weekly photo is a shot of her waiting patiently in the car while we packed up the campsite.

Finally, the introduction to solids is going well. She’s less reluctant than she was. Guess what food has been the biggest hit?





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13 12 2008
A Visit to the Karoo « An Amateur Naturalist in South Africa

[…] 13, 2008 by h0bbes Way back in April we travelled to the Karoo NP for Araminta’s first camping trip. The Karoo NP is (aptly enough!) situated in the Karoo close to the town of Beaufort […]

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