8 months and three weeks

15 06 2008

We’ve begun letting Araminta choose her own clothes when we go shopping. On Friday we needed to buy her some more warm pjs. Since she’s grown out of a few. Jeff held up a pink one and a blue one. There was no question: she lunged for the blue – so here’s our little girl blue in her car pjs that she chose herself.

Ruth finished a new quilt last night. Araminta gave it a road test this morning.

It was hard to get a picture because she kept crawling off it.

Today is Father’s Day here in South Africa, so Araminta and I are going to take Jeff out for lunch.


8 months 2 weeks – The weekly photo

15 06 2008

Kerin reminded me that it’d been two weeks since we’d updated Araminta’s site. Sorry, life got away from us 🙂

Araminta is now standing every chance she gets. I love this picture – she looks like such a big girl.

The knitted ball and the crocheted cardigan were both gifts from Mummy’s internet friends.

The really good news is that I heard this week that the internet start-up company would like to keep me on when my contract ends. So folks, it looks like we will be able to afford to come home at the end of the year after all!!