A day out

16 07 2008

We had fabulous weather on Sunday, so we took Araminta for a drive up the coast. We are lucky to live in a really beautiful part of South Africa

We took this picture on the way home, if you look closely you can see the snow at the tops of the mountains. It’s been cold here!

Araminta has a hiking backpack that we were given by friends who emigrated, most of the time she likes it. She actually fell asleep in it on Sunday.

Jeff went off bird hunting for a while, so Araminta and I sat and waited for him.

I spent a lot of time saying: “Not in your mouth, we don’t eat rocks”.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Araminta’s day out.


9 Months, one week

3 07 2008

Araminta is well and truly into solids now, she’s eating three good meals a day and often asks for more. Recently she tried mango and banana – it was a big hit!

We had her weighed today when we took her to get her injections. She currently weighs 6.95 kilos, which is actually a few hundred grams less than last month. The clinic sister is not too worried because she is eating well and still breast feeding. She suspects that the loss is because Araminta is very active. But we will be keeping a closer eye on her.

For Kerin – 9 Months

3 07 2008

As Kerin so nicely pointed out, it’s been a while since Araminta’s blog was updated. So here are some more photos for you.

In this first one Araminta is helping Daddy cook dinner –

The cupboards were shut as soon as the picture was taken.

She’s quite stable on her feet now and loves to stand up and shuffle along holding on to something.

For some bizarre reason she loves paper and if we don’t watch her, this happens:

She chose the pyjamas herself – Jeff offered her a choice of blue or pink. Unfortunately we had to take them back to the shop as they had a fautly press stud. The replacement pair is also going to be returned because it had the same problem.