For Kerin – 9 Months

3 07 2008

As Kerin so nicely pointed out, it’s been a while since Araminta’s blog was updated. So here are some more photos for you.

In this first one Araminta is helping Daddy cook dinner –

The cupboards were shut as soon as the picture was taken.

She’s quite stable on her feet now and loves to stand up and shuffle along holding on to something.

For some bizarre reason she loves paper and if we don’t watch her, this happens:

She chose the pyjamas herself – Jeff offered her a choice of blue or pink. Unfortunately we had to take them back to the shop as they had a fautly press stud. The replacement pair is also going to be returned because it had the same problem.




2 responses

3 07 2008

The more I see babies in action, the more I know that my cats have me prepared. RB tears up paper like that too!

7 07 2008

Tess used to do that to the sheepskin rug and Rambo did it to any book he could get his mouth on (even when it was on the kitchen table). Animals and kids are so alike.

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