10 Months 1 Week

16 09 2008

One of the things that we do semi-regularly is go down to the mall on a Sunday for a hot drink and a muffin. Usually on Sundays when Ruth is working, because after 6 or 7 hours of staring at a computer screen she is in desperate need of a break.

There is one coffee shop that has seats that are excellent for Araminta as she can sit safely.

She helps Mummy and Daddy eat their muffins, her cheeks are stuffed full in this picture.

Feeding herself.

Showing Daddy what she’s got.

All finished.

It’s been so cold here that our helper has taken to putting Araminta’s socks on her hands.

We’ve had a few warm days, so hopefully there will be more of them. But today is wet cold and miserable. We are currently car-less. The insurance company came for the car yesterday, and so Jeff is walking to and from his office in the rain. Hopefully we will find something soon.