Butterfly world

31 01 2009

A few weekends ago, we took Araminta to Butterfly World to see the Butterflies. She had a wonderful time.

Here she is having lunch before we went inside.

Ruth made the pants and the top. The fabric in the pants is a souveneir from Ruth’s trip to the USA in October.

Araminta is well acquainted with cats as we have one of our own. However, she is especially taken with dogs. Anything with four legs and fur is deemed to be a dog and is met with enthusiastic barking noises.

Butterfly world had marmosets running through the enclosures and Araminta was so excited that we took this video of her for you.


Bath Time

9 01 2009

Araminta loves water–and hence baths:

Christmas Part 2

4 01 2009

Araminta also helped Daddy open his present.

Then she got to open another one of hers. This one was from Ruth’s Mum.

Great excitement over a blank book and some crayons, which were put to good use immediately.

Thank you Grandma!