5 03 2009

Once again it’s been too long between updates.

First some pictures:

Ruth knitted Araminta a new hat.

What, you are more interested in seeing Araminta?! OK…

She likes hats. We make sure that she always has a sun hat on when we go outside and she’ll often fish one of them out of the drawer to wear around the house.

Araminta has added some new words to her vocabulary. She now says door, bath (her version of bath) and up (her version of up).  She is also threading beads onto shoelaces and can put shapes into the tupperware ball if you point out which one it goes in – she’s able to rotate theshape to fit.

It seems that we have a girly girl on our hands, in addition loving hats and bags, she also has a thing for shoes and insists on having her shoes changed several times a day. I’m trying to tell her that we don’t wear shoes inside the house, but she insists that we do.

I made Araminta a new quilt.

Here she is still in her pyjamas checking it out.

Lastly, Araminta’s first encounter with a snake went well.

This was at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town.




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