Bits and pieces

31 05 2009

Recently we bought Araminta a new book that makes sounds. It’s a big hit.

See her pants? They are size 6-12 months, and we still need to roll them up. She’s a petite little thing. Daddy bought the spotty pants.

Recently Ruth took delivery of 200 stuffed bears from the Netherlands which she delivered with a friend to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, and to a local hospice/orphanage.

Araminta loved the bears, and had a bit of a hard time understanding that they weren’t for her.  Sonnja the maker of the bears very kindly gave one to her.

She loves it.

We counted up all the words Araminta can say. It’s about 59, and includes telephone, buffalo, cracker, wool and quilt.

We are really looking forward to being home in Australia soon. Especially since our water supply broke on Saturday and they are predicting that it will take a week to fix. I’m getting very tired of flushing the toilet with a bucket and having sponge baths…




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