Trip to Australia

23 07 2009

We had a wonderful trip to Australia. Araminta travelled very well and even slept for about half of the flight from Johannesberg to Perth.

Here she is on the flight from Cape Town to Johannesberg.

Sleeping on the flight to Perth. The plane was really empty and we had 4 seats to ourselves. I only got one picture of her like this, because the flash caused her to stir, and I didn’t want to risk waking her up.

In Perth we had a great time. Araminta visited the wildlife park where Ruth’s brother works, and she got to feed kangaroos and pat koalas.

From Perth we stopped briefly in Brisbane and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s place in Grafton. Araminta was very excited to see wild kangaroos and wallabies and she loved helping Grandma feed one each morning.

She also loved being pulled around the yard by Daddy and Grandpa in the billycart.

She fed the chooks

and picked mandarins.

She loved mandarins so much that in the end we had to put a limit on how many she could eat a day.

We then left Grafton and returned to Brisbane where we had a lovely time visiting her cousins and uncles and aunties. All of the pictures from Brisbane have cousins in them and I’m not sure how the parents would feel about their kids plastered on the internet, so no pictures from then.

On the plane ride home Araminta made great use of the free eyemask

and helped Mummy watch the luggage in Jo’berg airport.

We were very tired when we got home, and we miss all our friends and family terribly.