Christmas is coming

20 12 2009

Ruth’s work recently had their end of year Christmas party. It was an afternoon spit-braai (BBQ lamb on a spit). Families were  invited and Araminta was very excited to be going to “Mummy’s party”.

Here she is all ready to go.

Note the blanket and the bag.

On Wednesday Ruth took Araminta to have her picture taken with Father Christmas. She wasn’t really sure about the whole process, and needed to come off his lap at one stage for a cuddle with Mummy. But after the photographer brought out his cat toy to wave in the air (she talked about the toy all afternoon), we did manage to coax out a smile.

Even though it was a bit scary for her she has been talking about “Father Kismas” all week.

We have the tree set up and Araminta helped Ruth wrap the presents for Daddy. She is quite happy to have Daddy’s presents under the tree, but it was too much for her to cope with to see presents that she didn’t know the contents of under the tree and she asked me to put them away.

This year we have a fireplace and so the stockings are hanging from the mantle. Araminta looked intently at the three stockings and then wandered off to her room. She came back with a little drawstring bag and hung it on the fire guard. She wanted the cat to have a stocking as well.




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