Quick Christmas update

4 01 2010

We had a lovely Christmas. Just us and Nana and Poppy.

Araminta had a great time opening her Christmas stocking in the morning. Then we had breakfast (Daddy made pancakes) and we opened presents when Nana and Poppy arrived at about 10am.

Araminta was our present delivery girl.

Here she is opening her present from Grandma in Western Australia.

Araminta helped Mummy wrap up Daddy’s presents, so she was very excited to see him unwrap his gift.

Araminta got playdough for Christmas and a rolling pin and some cutting shapes.

At the end of a busy day we sat on the couch and read some stories.


Araminta, Fabric, & a Resting Cat

13 12 2009

Araminta likes playing with fabric. Yesterday she went down to the spare room and retrieved a bag of Ruth’s fabric to play with. First she played hide and seek:

It didn’t take her long to figure out something else to do with it–why not cover the snoozing cat in fabric?

He was surprising tolerant–she managed 4 or 5 layers before he’d finally had enough:

Who could resist that grin?


27 08 2009

We recently took a drive out to see the wildflowers. We were a bit early for the big, spectacular displays, but it was still a lovely day out. I should note that Araminta has had a haircut since these pictures were taken…

Araminta loved the boardwalk at this nature reserve.

Here she is contemplating the flowers. It’s obviously a serious business.

She loved the daisies –

and smelling them.

There were also lilies.

Which also got smelt.

Just after I took this picture Araminta got upset by the soft marshy ground and we had to return to the car where the ground was firmer.

Her speech is coming a long in leaps and bounds. Her latest phrase in response to a question is: “Yes I do”.

She can also count to three fairly consistently, though she starts muddling up the numbers past three so we have “fun, twoooo, three, eight” but the one to three is there.

She hasn’t stopped talking about Grandma and Grandpa and Cayliss and Esther since we got back. When we showed Araminta the photos from the trip she said: “Strayla” so she knows where she has been.

We miss you guys.

Araminta Eating – 17 months

30 03 2009

Araminta is growing fast. She has always had good fine motor control & while she still prefers to use her fingers to eat with (I guess it’s quicker!) she is able to use a fork & spoon with some precision. Here’s a short video of her in action:

More pictures

23 03 2009

Araminta’s love affair with hats continues. Here she’s modelling one that Ruth recently finished. (It’s not for her, but she’s fascinated by it.)

I’ve been saying it for months, but I swear she’s getting a haircut on Wednesday…

She’s still eating like a champ. If she feels that we have not provided enough food she will hold out the bowl with both hands and plead “Moooore”.

We had to buy new pyjama’s this week, she’s too long for the 3 to 6 month size now and so is wearing 6 – 12 months size. They fit lengthwise, but she swims a bit in them as she’s such a skinny little thing.


26 12 2008

Araminta was a little more aware of Christmas this year.

Here she is Christmas Eve spending some quality time with the cat.

On Christmas morning, Jeff cooked pancakes.  Araminta was very happy to eat pancakes…

…until she tasted the fresh blueberries. Then she only wanted blueberries for breakfast.

After breakfast, we opened presents. First the Christmas stocking:

Bubble bath, because Araminta loves having baths.

Then we opened the presents under the tree:

She needed some help to get the presents open:

But there was success in the end:

There are lots of other photos, so I’ll break Chrstmas day into two parts. We really missed not being at home with family this year.

Merry Christmas 2008

25 12 2008