An evening out

24 11 2007

Thursday night was the beginning of the college’s graduation weekend and was marked by the alumni dinner. As staff we were required to attend and of course Araminta came too.

It was unseasonably cold, so we dressed her warmly in this little outfit that she has almost outgrown.

For the most part she was pretty good, and only cried a few times. Our friend Claudelle was the official photographer for the night. Here are two photos she took of Jeff with Araminta.

She was fighting sleep at this point and fell asleep a few minutes after these pictures were taken.


More photos

13 10 2007

Hi all,

Thought you might like to see some more photos of our beautiful child. Not that we are at all biased.

This is my favourite picture I’ve ever taken – Jeff and Araminta together

This was a cranky day when she would not be put down for any length of time. We are slowly getting the bookshelves unpacked – ok, to be truthful Jeff is getting the bookshelves unpacked because I can’t lift anything.

At home in her new pram, the yellow blanket was knitted for her by a friend here in South Africa, and a friend in the USA dyed the yarn for her hat and I knitted it up.

Jeff bought Araminta a baby moses basket so that we could keep an eye on her when we are in the living room – we have a cold house and only heat one area at a time.

Fast asleep. We are lucky that she sleeps very well- usually – between feeds.

Last picture for the day, on Wednesday a friend came over with her 5-month-old son. He was fascinated by Araminta.

Araminta is 6 days old in this picture. The quilt was a gift from a friend in the USA. All of the blocks are different and if you follow the pink lines you can tell a story from them.

Araminta had her first trip to the beach on Thursday. We visited Gordon’s Bay which has a nice grassed area and a paved path you can walk along. Mummy and Daddy had fish and chips by the water. We didn’t take any photos of that because she slept the whole time in her pram.

World’s Most Uncooperative Foetus

4 05 2007

April 25 saw us once more at the Ob/Gyn for a checkup. Everything is going well & it seems we are on target for October 7. Of course I read that only 5% of babies actually arrive on their due-date so I’m not actually sure why they bother giving you a date anyway!

Below is another scan–a lousy one. The kid stuck his/her head in the corner (are there corners in a uterus?) & refused to move, consequently we couldn’t get a decent view. In other good news R’s blood tests are back & the chance of Downs has gone up to 1 in 7500 or so which for her age is pretty good.


Personally I think it looks like Darth Vader is in there…. (Or somebody with a pirate flag!)

Another Scan

6 04 2007

We had our scan yesterday & while we are waiting on the blood tests, based on the scan result, the foetus having Down’s goes up from 1 in 300 (based on R’s age) to 1 in 2000. The blood results could push this up or down of course and it is never 100% certain. Everything else was normal/average. The scan was very high tech–we now have an 11 minute DVD of the scan showing blood pumping through the heart chambers, a full complement of fingers & toes etc. Once I figure out how to I’ll post a short exerpt to Youtube & link it here.

We said we didn’t want to know the sex & have watched the video a few times & are far from certain (the specialist said she could tell) but maybe a boy. See, we don’t mind sort of uncertainly knowing–it’s OK if we figure it out ourselves, we just don’t want to be told for sure!

Once again technology amazes me. We saw all fingers & toes, the four chambers of the heart (and using a colour doppler–watched & listened to the blood flowing in each of the heart valves & the hepatic artery!). When I was born in 1971 my mum didn’t even get a basic ultrasound.


Second Scan & Spreading the News

14 03 2007

We visited the ob/gyn for the second scan on March 5. As a result we have possibly the most useless pic of an ultrsound scan that was ever taken. scan-2b-march-5-2007.jpg

We had good views but he forgot to save them & later he couldn’t get a good view. Seeing the heart beating again and the arm moving was a truly astonishing experience.

There is about 9 days discrepancy between the scan measurements (of the sac) & our own calculations. This would not matter but we need to have a nuchal fold translucency screening test & the other specialist who does them is very strict about when the test is done. If we turn up & her scan makes it too early, its thanks very much, pay your bill & come back later. At R900+ that’s not something we want. Hopefully it will be OK.

We phoned Australia that evening (stayed up late to catch them early in the morning) to let our immediate family & friends know of the news. We haven’t told those local yet but we are having a braai this Sunday to make the announcement.