Quick Christmas update

4 01 2010

We had a lovely Christmas. Just us and Nana and Poppy.

Araminta had a great time opening her Christmas stocking in the morning. Then we had breakfast (Daddy made pancakes) and we opened presents when Nana and Poppy arrived at about 10am.

Araminta was our present delivery girl.

Here she is opening her present from Grandma in Western Australia.

Araminta helped Mummy wrap up Daddy’s presents, so she was very excited to see him unwrap his gift.

Araminta got playdough for Christmas and a rolling pin and some cutting shapes.

At the end of a busy day we sat on the couch and read some stories.



26 12 2008

Araminta was a little more aware of Christmas this year.

Here she is Christmas Eve spending some quality time with the cat.

On Christmas morning, Jeff cooked pancakes.  Araminta was very happy to eat pancakes…

…until she tasted the fresh blueberries. Then she only wanted blueberries for breakfast.

After breakfast, we opened presents. First the Christmas stocking:

Bubble bath, because Araminta loves having baths.

Then we opened the presents under the tree:

She needed some help to get the presents open:

But there was success in the end:

There are lots of other photos, so I’ll break Chrstmas day into two parts. We really missed not being at home with family this year.

8 Months old – weekly photo

26 05 2008

Araminta is becoming quite adept at standing up on her own now, I guess it won’t be long before she is walking. She’s growing up far to fast for my liking.

Here are her weekly photos for 8 months. I took her outside with me to get the clothes off the line. Since the ground was wet I put her in the washing basket. She thought this was great fun, so when we got inside I took a few pictures.

I decorated a shirt for her on Sunday. The fabric came from one of my online friends from Finland.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I have plans for the left over cats – now I just need to find the time to put those plans into action.

7 Months, three weeks – weekly photo and a few more

13 05 2008

Araminta is now quite happily eating solids. She gets most excited when we put her in her high chair, and is getting very good at eating off the spoon.

Here’s her weekly photo:

One of Ruth’s friends sent her a new teething toy, which instantly became a bit hit.

As you can see from the way she’s bundled up, it’s been quite cold here.

Araminta’s latest thing is trying to stand up on her own. She’s come close a few times – Kerin, I’m working on getting a shot of it, but it’s proving harder than expected. She can stand on her own if she’s got something to hold onto.

She’s very pleased with herself when she does this.

Five months and two weeks

9 03 2008

Araminta is now five and a half months. Jeff says we can now say that she’s crawling since she’s making forward motion across the floor. It looks kind of like an inch worm, but it’s getting her around just fine.

The Christmas parcel from Ruth’s mum arrived this week (took 6 months to get here). One of the advantages of having Christmas now is that Araminta is a little more aware of what’s going on, so we let her ‘open’ her present.

Thank you Grandma. She also spent some time shoving the finger puppet in her mouth, and would loved to have kept playing with the wrapping paper, but it was turning into a soggy mess.

Since absolutely everything is going into her mouth at the moment, we are expecting teeth sometime soon. Araminta has gone from being a very good sleeper to waking every two or so hours. We’re lucky that as soon as she has fed she goes right back to sleep. It has been extremely hot here and I think she’s waking up because she’s thirsty.

Not much other news, she’s still coming to choir practices with me and is well behaved most of the time, she loves music.

Oh, we’ve started reading to her more often this week too, and she’s enchanted by the books and listens to the story.

A new hat

15 01 2008

Araminta received another gift in the mail this week from one of Mummy’s internet friends. This cute little hat came from Mark in Ohio.

He also very generously sent Ruth a ball of cotton to play with.

As you can see Araminta is able to sit propped up now. She is starting to put toys into her mouth, but hasn’t really realised that she can lift them up, so she tends to put her head down onto the toy. It’s pretty funny, but I haven’t been able to get a picture of it because everytime I take out the camera she stops what she is doing and looks at it. I guess the continual “Look at the camera” has paid off. Either that or we have created a monster…

The sleeping through the night has unfortunately stopped, but today was a good sleep day and she got lots of sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be better than last night. I’m finding the night feeds much harder since being spoilt for a while.

Ruth’s Mum arrives on Friday so we should have pictures of Araminta meeting her Grandma up soon, and of course I will post her weekly photo too.

More pictures

8 01 2008

Araminta has spent more time on her stomach this week, and has really discovered squealing. It’s been quite cold over the last few days, so she got to wear some handmade goodies.

I made this hat a long time ago and it’s been sitting in a drawer waiting for a child to fill it. The jumpsuit came from Cousin Esther.

This littlecrocheted kimono came from one of Mummy’s blogging friends in the USA.

She looked very cute in it,

and wore it happily, until she puked her lunch all over it…

The amount of washing we are doing is amazing, what with her nappies, and the bibs and the 3 outfits she goes through a day, 90% of the stuff on the clothesline belongs to her.