27 08 2009

We recently took a drive out to see the wildflowers. We were a bit early for the big, spectacular displays, but it was still a lovely day out. I should note that Araminta has had a haircut since these pictures were taken…

Araminta loved the boardwalk at this nature reserve.

Here she is contemplating the flowers. It’s obviously a serious business.

She loved the daisies –

and smelling them.

There were also lilies.

Which also got smelt.

Just after I took this picture Araminta got upset by the soft marshy ground and we had to return to the car where the ground was firmer.

Her speech is coming a long in leaps and bounds. Her latest phrase in response to a question is: “Yes I do”.

She can also count to three fairly consistently, though she starts muddling up the numbers past three so we have “fun, twoooo, three, eight” but the one to three is there.

She hasn’t stopped talking about Grandma and Grandpa and Cayliss and Esther since we got back. When we showed Araminta the photos from the trip she said: “Strayla” so she knows where she has been.

We miss you guys.


10 Months 1 Week

16 09 2008

One of the things that we do semi-regularly is go down to the mall on a Sunday for a hot drink and a muffin. Usually on Sundays when Ruth is working, because after 6 or 7 hours of staring at a computer screen she is in desperate need of a break.

There is one coffee shop that has seats that are excellent for Araminta as she can sit safely.

She helps Mummy and Daddy eat their muffins, her cheeks are stuffed full in this picture.

Feeding herself.

Showing Daddy what she’s got.

All finished.

It’s been so cold here that our helper has taken to putting Araminta’s socks on her hands.

We’ve had a few warm days, so hopefully there will be more of them. But today is wet cold and miserable. We are currently car-less. The insurance company came for the car yesterday, and so Jeff is walking to and from his office in the rain. Hopefully we will find something soon.

Seven Months Two weeks and her first camping trip

7 05 2008

Last week had three public holdiays in it so Jeff and I decided to take Araminta on her first camping trip. We went to the Karoo National Park – which is about a 5 hour drive from where we are currently living. Araminta took the trip really well. We only had to stop twice and she played happily with her toys for most of the trip.

Here she is enjoying some quiet time in the morning with her daddy.

She was very good at night and didn’t cry, so the neighbours didn’t hate us too much. 🙂

While it was quite cold at night and in the early mornings the days were lovely and Araminta enjoyed exploring.

The big milestone for the trip was that she learned how to do this

by herself. She thinks she’s pretty clever now that she can sit up on her own.

Another first was that Araminta got to ride in the hiking backpack we were given. She wasn’t too sure at first, but after a while she was so relaxed she had a little sleep.

She’s not sleeping here, just looking into the sun.

Aramintia’s ‘official’ seven month and two week weekly photo is a shot of her waiting patiently in the car while we packed up the campsite.

Finally, the introduction to solids is going well. She’s less reluctant than she was. Guess what food has been the biggest hit?


An outing

22 01 2008

Today Araminta and Mummy went to Baby Show and Tell. This is organised by the woman whose child-birth classes we went to.

Here’s a picture of some of the babies who were there.

Araminta was quite happy for most of the morning. She even had a little nap at one stage. I was however, glad that I’d taken a second set of clothes…

Here she is after her nap,

but it didn’t take long before…

her fingers went back into her mouth.

I think we’ve tired her out a little the last few days as she slept for 2 hours before show and tell, 40 minutes at show and tell and for 3 1/2 hours this afternoon and she was in bed again by 8 pm. Now, if she’ll just last through the night…

We’ve started putting her in her high-chair while we are eating so that both of us get to eat with two hands. I’ll try and get a picture of that for you next time she’s in it.

12 Weeks

30 12 2007

Araminta turned 12 weeks old on Thursday. We took some pictures to mark the occasion.

We have this bouncer on loan and Araminta really likes it, especially when it plays music for her.

Araminta has discovered her voice and now chirps and squeals and talks to us a lot which is very sweet. She is also sleeping well, both during the day and at night, so we feel very blessed.

Here she is with Mummy, exactly 12 weeks old.

On Saturday we went to the Helderberg Nature Reserve so that Jeff could go bird hunting. Araminta and I relaxed in a shady spot. (We won’t talk about the fact that she spat up on me twice).

She managed to draw quite a crowd of children who were fascinated by her, they were also fascinated by the quilt she was on. Bibs have become an almost constant feature of the wardrobe as she is drooling constantly. We think the teeth can’t be too far away.

She also got to sit on a chair like a big person. She thought that was lots of fun, she really did, even though I couldn’t manage to get one of her smiling.

Ruth’s mum is arriving in a little over two weeks and we are looking forward to introducing Araminta to her Grandma