Araminta, Fabric, & a Resting Cat

13 12 2009

Araminta likes playing with fabric. Yesterday she went down to the spare room and retrieved a bag of Ruth’s fabric to play with. First she played hide and seek:

It didn’t take her long to figure out something else to do with it–why not cover the snoozing cat in fabric?

He was surprising tolerant–she managed 4 or 5 layers before he’d finally had enough:

Who could resist that grin?


Cherries in Ceres

18 12 2008

Recently we took a short break in Ceres. We stayed in a lovely cottage near Prince Alfred Hamlet – Rhodene Farm Cottages.

The Farm had some resident Peafowl which Araminta was fascinated by. She particularly liked imitating their call.


On Sunday we went cherry picking at Klondyke Cherry Farm.
We ended up picking 3kgs at a very reasonable price. We discovered that Araminta LOVES cherries!

There was cherry juice everywhere!

It was a loveey break though it was hotter than expected & when 40C was predicted we came home a day early.

Playing Catch Up – 11 months one week

16 11 2008

Apologies for being so far behind with the blog for Araminta. Both of our trips to the USA (one after the other) kind of messed with routines a little.

In September we celebrated Jeff’s birthday. Because Ruth was working that night we didn’t go out to eat, but rather brought home take-away from a fabulous local Indian restaurant. We ate picnic style on the floor so that Araminta could join in.

Turns out curry was a bit of a hit!

Chewing on naan bread.

Here she is eyeing off Jeff’s plate to see what else she can get.

All finished. We wrapped a tea towel around her since she’s kind of a messy eater.

In 1995, Ruth’s friend Kerin was making and selling clowns to help pay her college fees. Ruth was lucky enough to receive one. It is now Araminta’s.

Ruth’s Aunty Linda knitted a beanie for Araminta. Here she is proudly wearing it:

We don’t watch TV, but she’s fascinated by the remote and is always pulling it off the TV stand. She’s scared herself a few times by accidentally turning the thing on. There is much crying until it’s safely turned off.

OK, more up to date news:

At 13 months, she is now walking very, very well. She has a graze on her nose this week from where she tried to run and encountered some industrial carpet in the foyer of a hall here at the college.

There is one tooth mostly through and a second one well on its way.

Araminta is now pulling cloth and clothes over her head in an attempt to dress herself, and is insisting that we read Animal Farmyard Friends and Teddy visits Farmer Green at least 10 times a day. She will also sit quite happily and read on her own for long periods of time.

There are now four distinct words: Daddy, gone, cat and car.

Happy Birthday Kid

8 10 2008

Hard to believe it’s been a year already. Anyway since Jeff was heading out on a Pelagic birding trip at 4am and Ruth was flying to San Francisco at 6pm, it was decided to have the celebration the night before.

One of Araminta’s favourite foods is pasta–so birthday pasta it was. Gets kind of messy though when eaten with fingers!

The pasta was, of course, followed by birthday cupcakes carefully arranged by Ruth.

The consensus is Araminta LOVES cupcakes!!

Look Mum, No Hands

20 08 2008

I know I’m a little out of sequence, I still have some 10 month pictures to post, but, yesterday Araminita did this:

Stood up long enough for me to get a picture. She was after a bit of paper that our helper was holding out to her.

Honestly, I don’t know why she has any toys, she’d be happy with a few bits of paper and whatever she can pull out of the rubbish bin.

Today was a fantastic winter’s day, far too nice to be caught inside working. Ruth and Araminta took advantage of the sunshine to go outside and take a few pictures.

These pictures were taken just outside our back door. Jeff and I eat lunch out there most days when the weather is nice. Jeff walks up from his office for lunch and Araminta is always most excited to see her Daddad.

She is also clapping her hands on cue now too, which is very cute.

9 Months, one week

3 07 2008

Araminta is well and truly into solids now, she’s eating three good meals a day and often asks for more. Recently she tried mango and banana – it was a big hit!

We had her weighed today when we took her to get her injections. She currently weighs 6.95 kilos, which is actually a few hundred grams less than last month. The clinic sister is not too worried because she is eating well and still breast feeding. She suspects that the loss is because Araminta is very active. But we will be keeping a closer eye on her.

For Kerin – 9 Months

3 07 2008

As Kerin so nicely pointed out, it’s been a while since Araminta’s blog was updated. So here are some more photos for you.

In this first one Araminta is helping Daddy cook dinner –

The cupboards were shut as soon as the picture was taken.

She’s quite stable on her feet now and loves to stand up and shuffle along holding on to something.

For some bizarre reason she loves paper and if we don’t watch her, this happens:

She chose the pyjamas herself – Jeff offered her a choice of blue or pink. Unfortunately we had to take them back to the shop as they had a fautly press stud. The replacement pair is also going to be returned because it had the same problem.