Bits and pieces

31 05 2009

Recently we bought Araminta a new book that makes sounds. It’s a big hit.

See her pants? They are size 6-12 months, and we still need to roll them up. She’s a petite little thing. Daddy bought the spotty pants.

Recently Ruth took delivery of 200 stuffed bears from the Netherlands which she delivered with a friend to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, and to a local hospice/orphanage.

Araminta loved the bears, and had a bit of a hard time understanding that they weren’t for her.  Sonnja the maker of the bears very kindly gave one to her.

She loves it.

We counted up all the words Araminta can say. It’s about 59, and includes telephone, buffalo, cracker, wool and quilt.

We are really looking forward to being home in Australia soon. Especially since our water supply broke on Saturday and they are predicting that it will take a week to fix. I’m getting very tired of flushing the toilet with a bucket and having sponge baths…


All dressed up

30 04 2009

I thought you might like to see a picture of Araminta all dressed up ready for church.

She looks like a real little girl when she lets us put a clip in her hair (and keeps it in for more than 5 minutes).


23 04 2009

Jeff and I recently took Araminta camping. It was a great opportunity for us to try out our new (second-hand) tent. It’s great, and it has space for Araminta’s cot.

In the cot are just some of the toys that she insists go to bed with her each night. There is a core 5 and then one or two favourites from the day…

We went out for lunch in a near-by town. Araminta looked very lady-like and was exceptionally well behaved, given that we had to wait over an hour for our food and she was hungry.

Araminta loves feeding herself, and she loves yoghurt. Here’s a combination of the two:

She’s getting quite good at managing the spoon.

Araminta Eating – 17 months

30 03 2009

Araminta is growing fast. She has always had good fine motor control & while she still prefers to use her fingers to eat with (I guess it’s quicker!) she is able to use a fork & spoon with some precision. Here’s a short video of her in action:

More pictures

23 03 2009

Araminta’s love affair with hats continues. Here she’s modelling one that Ruth recently finished. (It’s not for her, but she’s fascinated by it.)

I’ve been saying it for months, but I swear she’s getting a haircut on Wednesday…

She’s still eating like a champ. If she feels that we have not provided enough food she will hold out the bowl with both hands and plead “Moooore”.

We had to buy new pyjama’s this week, she’s too long for the 3 to 6 month size now and so is wearing 6 – 12 months size. They fit lengthwise, but she swims a bit in them as she’s such a skinny little thing.


5 03 2009

Once again it’s been too long between updates.

First some pictures:

Ruth knitted Araminta a new hat.

What, you are more interested in seeing Araminta?! OK…

She likes hats. We make sure that she always has a sun hat on when we go outside and she’ll often fish one of them out of the drawer to wear around the house.

Araminta has added some new words to her vocabulary. She now says door, bath (her version of bath) and up (her version of up).  She is also threading beads onto shoelaces and can put shapes into the tupperware ball if you point out which one it goes in – she’s able to rotate theshape to fit.

It seems that we have a girly girl on our hands, in addition loving hats and bags, she also has a thing for shoes and insists on having her shoes changed several times a day. I’m trying to tell her that we don’t wear shoes inside the house, but she insists that we do.

I made Araminta a new quilt.

Here she is still in her pyjamas checking it out.

Lastly, Araminta’s first encounter with a snake went well.

This was at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town.

Butterfly world

31 01 2009

A few weekends ago, we took Araminta to Butterfly World to see the Butterflies. She had a wonderful time.

Here she is having lunch before we went inside.

Ruth made the pants and the top. The fabric in the pants is a souveneir from Ruth’s trip to the USA in October.

Araminta is well acquainted with cats as we have one of our own. However, she is especially taken with dogs. Anything with four legs and fur is deemed to be a dog and is met with enthusiastic barking noises.

Butterfly world had marmosets running through the enclosures and Araminta was so excited that we took this video of her for you.