Turning Two

5 10 2009

Yesterday, Araminta turned 2. She has been excited about birthdays ever since Jeff’s last month and woke us up at 6 am.

After a shower and breakfast, we opened some presents.

A card from Grandma in Perth.

Some stickers (that we had to try out straight away).

She liked the purple teddy from Grandma, it went to bed with her that night. The rubbish bin is there at Araminta’s insistence. She got most distressed that there was nowhere to put the wrapping paper.

Araminta has been showing a strong interest in learning her letters, and she can recognize a fair few now, so Mummy and Daddy bought her some flashcards.

They were a hit.

Also a big hit was the tractor puzzle book. Check out the expression on her face.

This is one of my favourite photos of the day – seeing her new baby for the first time.

Grandma sent Mummy some money and we bought Araminta a stroller for her new baby.

Nana and Poppy came for lunch. They bought Araminta a lovely book and some beautiful new clothes.

We had mushroom raviolli for lunch with pesto sauce and broccoli and carrots, with crusty bread. Araminta had two servings. After lunch there was cake that Mummy made.

Singing “Happy Birthday”

Blowing out the candle.

Finally, a new jumper that Mummy knitted.

It was a wonderful birthday.